To be lazy is easy

Nobody likes lazy People who play on easy mode

Not really, its hard for normies to be lazy. I know that from my family when they stayed home during covid without work for a while. My brother said not working makes him feel depressed so he found another job. Sz makes me “lazy” but not really bcz I am trying hard but unable to work due to negative symptoms.


Negative symptoms are really not symptoms they are side effects of meds. Negative symptoms are not treated with meds they can be treated with healthy mindset or therapy


It depends on severity. I still had some negative symptoms when I was unmedicated. Idk if its permanent brain damage.

Negative symptoms can be overcomed by reprogramming your mind

Can you do it? Can you work?

Yes I can do everything

Do you have negative symptoms?

Idk what is negative symptoms :smiley:

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All people have negative symptoms

Statistics say about 30% of schizophrenics have severe negative symptoms.

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Yeah and alcoholics as well but they like being alcoholics

For me I had less negative symptoms on Abilify but it caused me impulsivity and hypersexuality. I am waiting on Vraylar to be available here.

How do you know that you have negative symptoms

My psychiatrist said it. He tried several meds including antidepressants. Only Abilify worked.

Yeah but what can’t you do

I’m lazy, I’ll admit it lmao… just don’t have the motivation honestly. Unless it’s something I’m interested in (which is rare)


I can’t hangout with my friends, go to gym, work, study, play more video games, going out of bed more often, getting a gf, etc


I had all these before my sz.

So you want to do only easy tasks. Like you have enough motivation to write here. Like if I said I cannot earn million that would mean I have negative symptoms?