To be honest,I havent had a real relationship which I want

To be honest,I haven’t had a real relationship which I wanted.I had spend the last ten years of my life goIng to work and coming home with no real friendship.When I was diagnosed 6 years ago,I spend most of the time on this forum, and now this new forum.

I had an idea in my mind to help build start a little social life…I want to be and meet with people I want to meet.
First,people with mental illness,meeting people with mental illness is probably the closest and most comfortable real relationship I can think of
Second is people similar interest as me,I love to play football,I can make friends who likes to play football,we would at least have a common topic to talk which is football(soccer)

I don’t know if there is grouo or individual people I can meet with mental illness here in Malaysia but I will try to find it…if there is none then I can only go to Singapore(oversea) to meet people with MI

There is alot of groups playing football here in Malaysia,so I guess I will have no trouble finding people who love football and play with them while making friends…I need to kickstart this engine

You are young and I am sure you meet somebody, I think that you need to get laid, this our illness is sometimes preventing us from achieving our dreams, why would you not travel to other places such as Europe, here in Europe we have many beautiful places, I perceive you as quite a positive person who knows his problems. Knowing oneself is a big step, I am sure you succeed.

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I can’t wait to see Europe.

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I emailed befriends,a mental health support group,they gave me a number to call here in Johor Bahru,I thought email would be a better choice lol

One way to see Europe is to travel by trains, you can buy a 1-month Interrail ticket and travel in trains as much as you want. The summer is the best time for doing this. I did this once alone, traveled in trains from Northern Europe to Southern Europe. You meet also interesting people during this travel, at least I did, but you must be careful with your things such as a passport, because there are people who try to steal these. I was in Venice once and there two women noticed that somebody had stolen their bag in one train. Still remember well when I was in Rome with my leather jacket when it was 30 celcius degree. It is a little risky to travel alone, which is why you may ask your friend to join you in this European experience.

Thanks man,really appreciate the advice.

I’ve been not been out of us yet.