To anyone who has been denied benefits


Get help to fill in the form - volunteers do it at the volunteer benefits help office - you have to tell them - hey - i can’t fill this form out because it’s filled with trick questions and no my mum / husband understands the form worse than i do
To the question ‘can you set an alarm clock’?
you can’t get up in the morning - you stay up at night, sleep late, would not be able to respond to an alarm / you would forget to set it, sleep through it - sleep through the fire alarm after blowing up the toaster and trying to grill the bread instead.
To the question ‘can you brush your own teeth’
Do you brush your teeth normally? i ended up sticking tube of toothpaste up my arse and needing an internal exam because i thought it was still up there days later when i was very ill
To the question ‘can you dress yourself’
Can you always pick out your outfit? i have walked out of hospital with bare feet and no underwear - i have walked out with no bottom half on - i have dressed for work when i was going to look at jobs or go for a walk, so i would look like i fit in and wore really quirky stuff to a funeral … i have tried to buy clothes for myself in the children’s dept, while thinking this was a small pair of trousers for a 14, and so bulimic and wasted i was fitting into children’s clothes.

You can work in a warehouse because you can physically lift a small light box to head hight???
can you get there every morning and work an 8 hour day stacking and going back and forth in the supermarket on the same isle all day or night - consistently for 4 years when you are at your most unwell?

you need help to fill in the form - i’ll even help you - i’ve had help many times with the form you have to put everything in the terms of the worst thing you have ever done and it’s NOT EVEN CHEATING what i am talking about — THEY ARE THE CHEATS they get people to say yes i can physically lift a small object - there fore you can work on a checkout - but could you? If you can and you want to - go for it - most schizophrenics couldn’t and I couldn’t that is why there are disability benefits - they want to save money.

at all times could you work?

when you have cancer demons in your chest all night and a familiar spirit to remove them, run away to a big city barefoot, think on the way to work that your sex demon that comes out of your feet and tries to hump people in other cars but it’s rejected by the people in the other cars and then don’t sleep - because you’re doing a vigil and then have panic attacks about terrorist threats in public?

get what i’m saying?

Goes without saying - this is all my psychosis, say what your worst is on a form
can you really get out of bed set an alarm brush your teeth get dressed ? it’s humiliating but no i can’t dress myself and if you put this kind of stuff above on a form, you will get benefits
if i edit this to better english can someone make it a sticky?


I got a letter from SS sometime in August (Ithink) that stated they were doing a review on my case and to return the enclosed form within 30 days or my benefits would be cut off.

30days from when? took me 30 days to find that letter again.
Fill out the form?
Only thing to write with was a fat crayon broke in half, that okay? (I had to ask)
Hmmm, not much to write, I should just tell them that I really appreciate the benefits because otherwise, I’d starve, or have to stand out front of Wal-mart in my pajamas with a sign saying “Pease help, SSDI benefits cut because of a letter”
Then return by mail?
Where were those 42 and 1 cent stamps I saw in my house a while back? What is the price to mail it back? Maybe a 42cent stamp and then a dozen or so 1cent stamps will cover it? Maybe not, an Important letter can’t come back, so maybe add an H rate make up stamp or two…drat! they don’t all fit on the front of the envelope…maybe a couple extra on the back too, just in case the price goes up again after I mail it.
I found the post office, but it took and extra week to get there, so I dropped it into a slot, hope it was the right one…and crossed my fingers for luck.

Just yesterday I received another letter from SS stating that they weren’t going to reveiw my case at this time, and the benefits would continue.

This is a true story based on facts. It is real, and really me.
and this was when things were not too bad for me.


Good for you, you’ve encountered, and went above your disease. I support you.


Support in any way is a blessing. There is hope, people, resources, care, work, study, sacrifice, awareness, opportunity, and leaders…just to support people in similar situations. We’re all in this together. Embrace it.


Thanks - yes - agreed - there is a lot of stuff out there for people out of work… volunteering is good, study is good although i can’t do full time, i get unwell… there are theatre workshops for the mentally ill or socially excluded. etc.
depends where you live what the opportunities would be


Google it :smile:


Where I come from they routinely turn down your first application. Then you apply again, and if they still turn you down you might get a lawyer, who is going to take a huge portion of your back pay. I never saw any paperwork when I applied. Other people did it for me. When I applied I’d had over twenty commitments, and I guess they took my word for it that I was disabled.


i think writing in crayon and the numerous stamps all over the envelope probably got you a ’ big fat tick , from the health department…i’ll remember that !!!
take care dark :alien:


I’m in the middle of a review right now, just filled out the letter and sent it in last month. Some of those questions were dumb.

Writing down all the reasons why I can’t do something really destroyed any pride I managed to build up. Its like the governmentst is thinking “We give you money in exchange for reminding you of your massive shortcomings and making you feel like crap.” Uncle Sam is a narcissistic sociopath.

Though some were kinda funny like the grooming/haircut one. Part of my answer was something like “How anyone would let anyone else with a pair is scissors by their head is beyond me.”

My only worry was that I don’t comply with the meds my pdoc prescribes. Then I read that they don’t deny you if you have a MI and refuse meds. So I explained my reasons and that’s it. Still haven’t received a response yet. They do seem to be behind in things, I was supposed to be reviewed in August and only just got my huge ass form last month.


Nah, don’t give the government more credit than they deserve, they could care less about how anyone feels about anything.
They just need you to jump through their hoops to get that carrot on the string because the people who paid into that account want some documentation proving that the people who receive the money, are entitled to it.
Social Security is an entitlement, that means you earned it-you paid into it, it’s yours.
It is NOT a benefit,which is just a handout from the government to those who didn’t earn it-much like their own paycheck.
Not enough money for all their friends to be on the payroll, so some entitlements have to be denied or difficult enough in the hopes you will want to quit receiving them.