To answer the question "Why don't you smoke?"

My friend pressured me with that one and I didn’t have a good answer. Now that I’ve thought about it, I’d say because it’s addictive, unhealthy, expensive and not a need.


it’s good that you don’t smoke… i do smoke though myself


İ quit smoke 10 years ago.its simply change your way of thinking badly.and it has very negative feeling.


I damadged my lungs only after smoking 1 1/2 years and I only had like 5 cigarettes on average a day. It’s gotten better after I quit. I will never smoke again.


When I quit 14 years ago I draw up a list of pros and cons for the process of quitting.

The cons outweighed the pros by far.
A few negatives I had was that it causes all kinds of cancer, my breath smelled bad, my clothes stank and I felt self conscious. I always kept a distance between myself and non smokers.


Huh. That’s a strange question to have been asked. Well maybe it’s not strange but I’ve never come across that one.

Good on you for not smoking. Those are all super valid reasons. I’m with you on all of them. Especially the “expensive” one. Cigs add up fast😬


This happened in the 60’s when there was social pressure to smoke rather than to not smoke. My, how times have changed.!


Oh! That makes a lot of sense! I was just thinking about my interactions with smokers these days, they often encourage non smokers to never start.

I’m so glad that times have changed in this way. Peer pressure can be a hell of a force.


“Why don’t you smoke?”

“For every reason why you smoke!”

(They all secretly want to die!) :wink:

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My brother used to joke:
Anyone can quit smoking.
It takes a man to face lung cancer.

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I watched my father cough incessantly on cigarettes, and try to quit it a million times. I then watched him dying from lung cancer. I watched a family member’s daughter say that what she wanted most of all was for him to quit smoking and he still couldn’t do it even though he loved her very much. I am not touching that crap.

I’ve been smoking 30 years. My mom got lung cancer at age 60. She’s 62 now and it spread to her brain. She has small cell lung cancer which is the worst of the worst.

I went to the doctor and they found 2 growths in my lungs. They’re to small to be considered cancer.

My grandmother started smoking when she was 11. She grew up on a tobacco farm in the 1920’s. She lived to be 80. My other grandmother smoked too and lived to be 80. She died from non smoking related illness.

I guess it’s just the luck of the draw how fast it kills you.

I smoked since I was 16, but have successfully quit a few times. I don’t smoke or vape currently. It seems pointless to add another physical craving/“need”. Being hungry or thirsty is enough. It also made me more anxious, every time I needed a smoke or a puff. What’s the point in that?



It’s A Nice Form A Leisure. Calm With The Witches Wander Of The Past Weaving Into The Future.

Possibly An Unhealthy Tactic To Cure Boredom.

But Eating Turkey’s At Thanksgiving Causes Diabetes.

So. There’s Always That.

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

There are so many smokers who want to quit smoking at the assisted living center where I live. I smoked about five cigarettes a day while I was in the army, and I was able to quit. But if you’re smoking a pack a day it is much harder. I also dipped tobacco for a couple of years, and I was able to quit that. It would dissolve the glue that held my bridge on in my mouth. Dipping is probably every bit as bad as smoking. I was running during the time I was dipping, and my wind was much better when I hadn’t dipped for 10 -12 hours.

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