TMI alert…

I catastophrize everything, don’t judge me lol-

But aunt flow is 4 days late. She’s never late since I had baby human…

I’m honestly worried something is going on. I’ve been having bloating, hot flashes, random cramping in my stomach area…

I’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests and they’re all negative.

I called the womens clinic I go to and the earliest they can get me in is May!

Soo…. I guess it’ll just be a waiting game to see if they can get me in sooner or if aunt flow will show up eventually.

I wouldn’t wait that long for an appointment.

If you’re hard up for answers,

I’d go to urgent care.

They can order a blood test to see if you’re pregnant or not.

And maybe get some of your symptoms under control.

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Yeah, they’re supposed to call me back tomorrow… to let me know if they want me in for imaging or blood tests sooner. I’m hoping they will.

But good idea about urgent care!


Like you said, if you can’t get the appointment right away tell them to call you if someone else cancels and get that appointment.


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