Titration of new AP

I have permission to reduce a 5 week cross titration to just one week

Usually they don’t agree to my DIY requests, but I told them straight. I am the one who puts this stuff in my body and that’s it.

Now I will be on 111mg Lurasidone by Saturday, and off the Flupentixol by Sunday

I am happy with this

If I get side effects from the Lurasidone I will simply reduce it


How is Mason doing?

I hope the quick titration works for you.

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He’s doing great. Just booking him in for a haircut!


I wish you the best with your new medication Joker.

Good luck. Every time in the past that you’ve tried to speed up a titration it has gone badly for you, so I hope you have some safeguards in place to deal with potential crises.