Tired of thinking

I did not read any book to refer you to, I just felt the need to go to a level of complete pause. And yeah I used noise canceling ear buds and a cover to my eyes. When you do this you could also hear your heart beat. Due to ear buds.

By the way make sure there is someone around you while you do this.

First few days it would be challenging.
But once practiced it would be an amazing experience.

I used to go to a white space every where white ,
Like clouds. This one I used to do even before I got this condition. No one but just me unfortunately I still use to get distracted those days.

Where as, now a days I don’t even think of the cloud. Just a pause. Where some times time flies by or does not.

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When I go swimming I float sometimes with my ears under water. I have that sensation of my beating heart as well. I enjoy just being in the water. I often just chill, like mindfulness and experience my surroundings with my senses.


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