Tired of the activity centre

I’ve been really feeling worn out a lot lately, and I think some of the people at the activity may be trying to drag me down to their level, both emotionally and intellectually. It seems the people I relate to most are the staff. And in the end they’re enabling the clients to do what they’ve always done, so they’re lives really aren’t improving much. It would be nice if they would offer information in the programs that not just anyone knows. Of course, I know they can’t give lectures about Tolstoy or Camus. For myself, I haven’t threatened anyone and have been nice. I think that what I have and who I am “threatens” them, because I don’t look mentally ill. To make a long story short, I’m tired of being around people who are dead to the world. Thinking about maybe taking another volunteer shift at the hospital, or like my brother suggested finding another organization to volunteer for. Like they say, “onward and upward”!

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If your volunteering there… why not suggest a book event… or see if people would be interested in trying just a one hour book / philosophy discussion…

If it doesn’t work there… why not try the library… that would be more the place for lectures on Tolstoy.

Good luck…

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