Tired of news

The world is full of news, but as one commentator said 20 years ago, only 10 % of news are accurate and then only 10 % of these news are relevant. So why would I read any news, if 1 % of news is meaningful. Are you tired of news too?


I don’t have a T.V. any more and I don’t like the news. I tried watching a news thing on the computer the other day… It’s NOT news. It’s not even informational. It’s people yelling at each other and talking over each other and trying to make everyone else look bad.

I don’t mind reading a newspaper, but then so much of it is made up and sensationalized in order to “grab” the reader.

I don’t think any of us have had REAL news in a long time. REAL news is quiet and passes too quickly.


Yes, and I am tired of history books that don’t tell the whole truth.
Journalists are not allowed to report a lot of stuff. And we think we have freedom.

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I can’t watch the news at all. It’s too jarring and stimulating to me. The pace, the graphics, the multiple anchors. Too much.

If I’m curious about what’s going on, I’ll read the New York Times online.




So much of the regular news on TV and in the Newspaper is negative - you are so right. I avoid much of it now - its just not relevant or its negative and unhelpful.


I like reading what is called "odd"news. Weird stuff that happens. For instance just in the past 6 months they have found a bunch of weird sea creatures washed up onshore or caught in fishermen’s nets. Rare sharks, sea monsters, oarfish, new species of snakes. I love stuff like that. They caught a species of shark that has only been seen 20 times total since they discovered it in 1923. But I agree that most news is bad.


Most news is incredibly booooooooring. My husband loves his DSTV news channels, and I groan every morning when I have to eat my cereal and watch Russia TV or BBC News talking about yet another political story, or the crisis in Ukraine or Syria talks or EU conferences or Russia-China relations or blah blah blah. Give me science news or eclipse footage, that will be more interesting anyday!

It kinda seems like the news just tells ppl what they want/like to hear instead of being informative/factual. A lot of the crap the news reports on is subjective and is just as bad as Facebook and twitter. It’s all kind of a big waste.

I think it has to do with the companies giving in and catering to the masses because that’s where all the money’s at. Every major company wants a piece of the popculture cash cow.

but how does one keep up with the ’ kardashians ', if not for the news…lol
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I must admit, I am now officially a news (CNN) junkie. I don’t watch a lot of local news, because it is more violent and graphic

I only watch local news for the weather. I get my science news on Facebook from “I ■■■■■■■ Love Science.” You can visit their website too.