Tired of keeping it all in

I wish to delete this post for privacy reasons.


thought i would say hi.
take care

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You came to the right place

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If you’re already seeing a therapist I don’t think it would hurt to bring it up with them. If you can’t afford meds then don’t take them, but at least don’t force yourself to hold it all in like that. I found some aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy were very helpful for my psychosis as well as my anxiety. Your therapist can help you debunk those paranoid thoughts.

As for family and friends, who says you have to tell them anything about it? I don’t tell my family and friends because I know they wouldn’t understand. My main support is my therapist and this forum, really.

And for support this is a great place! Everyone’s nice here and you can vent all you want. Welcome!


If your condition is worse than anxiety or depression, having a savings account isn’t going to help you. Suicidal thoughts in the past isn’t cause for your therapist to report you. Explain your situation to her. She will only report if she feels you are a harm to yourself or to others at that moment. Your past experiences won’t alter that judgement. If you’re tired of keeping it all in…let it all out. Your doctor is there for you, and if not you should find another one. There are solutions to your problems, when you’re honest with yourself and your doctor. You don’t have to tell anybody your problems, but your therapist is where you should start. Down the road there are many helpful resources directed to guide family members, and friends to understand and support your recovery. Try your doc, if that doesn’t work then you can always rejoin your current situation.

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