Tired of it all

You know?
Going to the store buying food and soda.
Good food doesn’t taste that good, it’s just a trick to make use spend more money… I fall for it everytime… And the soda drinking? Tired of these bottles and going to the store multiple times for something that I just wash down my throat.

Can’t wait for the day I start eating oatmeal only and washing water down my throat instead of soda.

I eat oatmeal with Milk and something called diet shake. It got a lot of aminoacids


I’m tired of eating oatmeal and drinking water every day.

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Coffee used to be my thing. Rather than make it at home, I would drive to the coffee shop (a 20 minute drive) and buy three large double-doubles at a time. I probably did that three times a day, even though it made no sense

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Don’t be. It’s cheap.
Good food feels like a waste once im done with it. Im like “yeah, that was a waste” but I did it once again.

Yeah, 3 cups + gasoline money, adds up at the end of the day.

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