Tired of being fat

How about you? 66666

I need to lose some weight. I weigh about 215 and I’m 5’ 9". I need to get down to around 175.

I lost a couple of kilo’s, almost 10 pounds, over the last month or so. Just by cutting out all snacks and sugary drinks. So water only all day and no crisps or candy what so ever. I did ride my bicycle slightly more but nothing that could really be called exercise. I find it difficult to maintain a real exercise routine, but cutting out the calories in my diet was easier. So that would be the first place to start in my opinion, if it is just about weight.

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yea i’m about 190lbs i think,

it sucks bc i find it hard to find clothes my size xxL

I’m 174 pounds.

I’m ok with being fat.