Tired of being fat and sexless. Need a PDE 10 inhibitor for Chrsitmas

All I want for christmas Is a PDE a PDE a PDE…
ITI-007 failed whose the next contestant up for FDA approval?

I think Lu AF35700 is next in line.

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As for Pde inhibitors wait for oms824.

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I think this drug has failed its 2nd phase…!!

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How do you know that a PDE 10 inhibitor will deal with those 2 issues? (fat and sexless).

im assuming based on what I’ve read. they all say the same thing. safety and tolerability similar to placebo. but, honestly I have no idea. They could be worse for all i know. Sick and tired of the side effects of standard med.

When’s this one supposed to come out @eduvigis?
Does it look better than what we’ve got now?

I don’t understand a single thing about your post except that 007 is involved.

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Comon everyone’s sexy no matter what.

It’s so secretive I had to put it in code

WHat?? Is it in navajo or something? you a code talker today? I don’t get it.

Is it a vibrator model or something?

I think it is an acronym for a kind of new AP. The 007 thing was the code name for this new med that was being tested. It didn’t pass the test.

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does anyone know the details of the selective process?

Start working out and change your diet, don’t just wait around for a new miracle med that will fix your problems.


probably rat poison trying to get hacked out or something…

It is, it vibrates your brain, and brings good vibes.
They call it 007 and its an improvement on the French tickler.

I don’t believe you.

Google that stuff homie it’s supposed to be the tits

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I guess pde 10 inhibitors arent close to coming out. When will we have our first one.