Tired 101010

The only person who ever truly respected me is fúcking dead. Sort of makes me want to be dead too. I’m tired of being so fúcking alone.

I saw your conversation on the other thread. Don’t be upset about it.

Hey, thanks. It’s not that. Well, it is that, but not just that. I betrayed a friend today, for the betterment of the forum. It was the right thing to do, but I still feel guilty, and I’m angry that this hit I took on my already weary conscience meant basically nothing because certain leaders just shít all over the rules like they don’t mean anything, but they do. The rules have a purpose, a valid purpose, and people are so focused on themselves and what they would prefer that they disregard the people that may be hurt by their wants, the very people that they should be trying to protect. It’s not right. This forum should be a safe haven for all the world’s schizophrenics, but it’s just not, at least not anymore. Somehow, this purpose was lost, and I do wonder if this community will ever regain such purpose.

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