Tips on how to live vs. faith

My wife has a strong faith in a loving Christian god which faith has been the foundation of her life for over 40 years. A good summary of it’s message is held in the saying, “We are in his hands. We are his hands.” In short, she gives her problems to God.

Now the avenue of faith was closed to me long ago and I can’t recommend a belief in something so entirely doubtful. But it must be a welcome relief from the world most of us live in – a world full of hundreds of different tips for a better life. Tips on how to stay healthy, on how to buy a car, on how to make eye contact, what products are best, how to deal with relationships, how to recover from schizophrenia, and on and on. We read about them in magazines, see them on television, find them on the internet.

On the one side is faith, and on the other side is our fractured world.
So I guess sometimes I have faith-envy.

Have a pleasant day.

Having faith in a god or religion can take you so far. I try to place faith in myself, not even other people. I am responsible for my life’s journey most of the time. Instead of relying on an invisible power or force (god) I try to believe in myself, this is a healthier approach. Too many religious extremists do ■■■■ that are seen as wrong, but they feel they are excused or “forgiven” by their almighty god. This is a cowards way of life and living If I do something wrong, the finger points to me and no one else


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BANG… :boom: :boom: Every thing you just said… right there… 100%.

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I like Wave’s answer too. Things will go wrong but I have to have faith in myself to handle it.

The Little Engine that could: I think I can, I think I can… :smiley:


I believe that the God’s energies and genetic programming was released in the Big Bang. We all are results of this ever faster evolving life in this expanding universe of ours. I believe that one day we shall meet beings that are extraterrestrials. I believe we all are connected to each other with energy fields, all religions, all beings.

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i would love to believe in god toox

I know I am young and have a lot to learn, but I believe that there is something out there, a fabric of the universe that manages to keep things in balance. I don’t know if I believe in God, but I do have faith in something beyond myself. I just don’t know what to call it yet.

Thus far I have been lucky in that my faith in humanity has yet to be toppled.


i’ve always believed in something more than just myself

i like to think that there is someone up there watching over us, trying to help us

makes me feel good knowing that :angel:


I think the “in his hands” idea has value if it helps one regain his composure after an upset. After that, of course, it is up to the believer to solve the problem.


this is the problem with language. whereas “god” may have meant something to people at one time, like “reality”, versus today’s meaning, which is one of a being who uses human-like logic to judge men at some point. people would not recognize god if he were to speak to them today, because they expect him to appear in a form they would recognize.
have faith in the self and in reality; over anyone else, including doctors, psychiatrists, scientists, religious leaders, etc. find self-hood, and you will find reality/the divine teacher.