Tips for surviving christmas


so i thought i would get in there early… :christmas_tree:

  1. remember not to push yourselves and do too many things
  2. christmas chaos can be overwhelming so remember to be kind to yourselves and take time out
  3. have a plan ’ b ’ for all occasions
  4. comunicate with friends and family if you are feeling like you need some space
  5. it is okay to say ’ no thank you ’
  6. remember to have your meds and enough meds to take you over the christmas period.
  7. steer away from too much christmas cheer i.e alcohol, drugs etc…
  8. if a person is annoying you be it a friend or family member just walk away.
  9. practice a random act of kindness.

happy christmas fellow sz people.

take care from santa :santa: and dark sith :alien:


Okay, I’ll try to be good to myself!



wise words @darksith

must be the Jedi in you

you are definitely bringing balance to the force :thumbsup:


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Also watch the alcohol consumption. Extreme emotions and alcohol don’t mix and please what ever you do don’t drink and drive.


avoid brussel sprouts unless you like farting like satans dog in all your families company. don’t drink too much and fall in the bath with all your xlothes on never drink on Christmas eve youd have a hangover Christmas day.
never have anything to do with glitter cause ou will be cleaning it up for years
and don’t forget the whole point is to think how lucky you are.


:smile: fa la la


per ruppa pa pum.