Tips for losing weight


I would like to lose 10-20lbs but haven’t had success yet :frowning:


You have to create a calorie deficit.
Basically burn more calories than you eat.


Diet and exercise and keeping it all regular. I’d first start with getting into a routine. Take your meds same time everyday. Set an alarm and get up same time. Go to bed same time. It’s boring but routine is good when you lack motivation.

Eat good foods and exercise. It’s hard work but most can lose on meds if you do the right things!

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I can basically control what I eat during the day but during dinner time my appetite skyrockets and I find myself eating 2 meals and snacking on chips.
I wish that I had sound advice for you @schizomaticly.
But unfortunately I don’t :confused:


Simple. Just do the opposite of gaining weight.

Man, I’m knockin them out of the ballpark tonight. Am I on fire or what?


Eat less move more

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Forget about calculations no such thing is accurate enough
Do sport
Dont eat unhealthy
Eat vegtables soups and fruits
Eat breakfast
Be patient dont measure weight every day but every week or every 10 days
Good luck

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Not eating carbs.


I use a nutrition tracker to make sure I stay between 1200-1400 calories per day. I’ve been on Zyprexa for five weeks, which is a big weight gainer med, and I’ve lost two pounds. It can be done if you work at it. I can’t exercise enough to burn anything significant because I have a collapsed disc in my lumbar spine and walk with a cane, so I have to really limit my calories. Good luck!


I do the same. I’ve been using myfitness pal and am back down to my pre-antipsychotic weight. Just be careful as calorie counting can turn into an eating disorder real quick


Running stairs and dieting made me lose weight.


Do it small steps at the time, 5lbs a month or something like that.
It could be frustrating if you get weight on a week when you did everything right…

My tip is to stop drinking beverages and drink water. If you do any sport then you can do sports drinks that replenish your salts lost of your body.

Good luck!


#1 quick tip I can think of is dont drink your calories. Water, coffee or tea no sweetener–thats it. Also tip #2 stay hydrated, so the amount of water you drink will make you feel more full. If you can do that, youll lose a ton of weight in no time


Eat enough.

If you lose a few lbs - keep it off. Don’t let your weight go back up.


Ginger honey lemon cinnamon tea.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone :slight_smile:
I’ll keep trying to lose weight :grin:

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I have a big problem with this @Wave
I tend to do well during the day but get the munchies at night.

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Ever since I left that senior living community, I gained ten pounds and can’t seem to take it off. And I’m doing everything right: counting my calories, not drinking my calories, drinking lots of water, not taking in artificial sweeteners, exercising every day. The difference between then and now is that at the senior community, my portions were more controlled and I took stairs more often. Now, I seem to sit more. Also, at the senior community, I didn’t have free access to sweets. For instance, I never bought cookies. Now, I buy boxes of cookies and have free access to them.

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I tend to only fast for religious reasons and I’m not sure I could do it year-around.