Tips for increased hunger for when try to reduce the tobacco?

I heard you can get real hungry in the early days

I’ve heard that gum chewing can help some to give you something to do.

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Sounds good. Funny story I once quit tobacco by using nicotine gum. But ended up just addicted to the nicotine gum lol

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Moderate exercise reduces the hunger hormone (grelin is it?)

Drink lots of water and exercise !

If you’re lazy, have some sugary snacks.

Hope this helps.

I don’t know if this is terribly good advice, but maybe buy a pack of small kool-aid packs or crystal light lemonade packs, the individual kind, and each time you have a craving spend the 45 seconds stirring one to drink so you replace the habit. The amount of time you spend stirring might lead to wonderous thoughts about life. Lol.

After being addicted to nicotine gum I managed to switch to sugar free bubble gum.

Now I" m addicted to that. I think it’s a conspiracy.

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Vitamins…smoking leads to alot of deficiencies. So faster you get those back to normal probably the better.

I’'m learning to keep moving. For me it means exercise and just keeping busy and doing enough physical things. I gave up with champix and never looked back as it was really easy. Still. I’ve given up enough things that I know replacing negative behavior it’s important to do positive things. It’s not just the physical addiction as it’s a lot of habits too.

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