Tips for coping with stress!

Here to chat…stress
…it can be overwhelming having mh issue
…however being prepared for stress can really help

I’ll make the first suggestions then everyone is free to add…

Try new hobbies,
musical instrument,
walking somewhere new (your favourite place),
treat yourself (save up for something you really like)
Try cooking something new,
talk to someone every day or keep a journal
Awaken yourself with new experiences

I’m feeling optimistic this morning :sunrise_over_mountains: :relaxed: have an awesome day!


Do you like how positively inspiring I’m trying to be or is it a bit much for this time in the morning? :grin:

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I have tried a lot of those things.

My problem is I stress from one thing to another

Really frustrating, but that’s how it has been for a while now

They have given me a decent supply of Lorazepam for Christmas, so hopefully I can keep it together


Sometimes I got racing thoughts, I tend not to take it them all too seriously, even it appears real. Next year my life will change. Going to the pool, walking more often. I got some money to feel better as well.


Music helps me to relax. Also, walking and sleeping.


Sounds like you’re in a good frame of mind. Good to see :+1:

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