Tips for catatonic schizophrenia

I am lately experiencing a sort of unwanted leg movement and i can’t keep my legs on the ground.
Always crossing them and feeling like my leg are being stunned by electricity.
what are some tips to stop this please help.

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Talk with your doctor it could be anything such as neuropathy.


What you’re describing doesn’t sound like catatonia. It does sound like it could be akathisia, which can be caused by side effects. Did you recently have a med change?

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I’ve been like on haldol for like about a year but i haven’t been on the injection one. maybe its the injection that is making me like this.

Call your doctor and report it. There are meds your doctor can prescribe to make that side effect go away. They can also change your medication to something your body tolerates better. Either way, you need to call and let them know what’s going on.

Well you just made me realize that I haven’t been using the word catatonic right for years…

But damn dude It’s a motor control issue… I’d look into GABA and potassium supplements…

I was thinking catatonia lands one in a coma… and now I’m at the loss for a word I joke about in my head… confused into coma… the big win for schizophrenia.