Tips and ways to overcome thought broadcasting

Hey so I recently had a random fellow sz hit me up on social media asking me how I overcame thought broadcasting and was able to reintegrate normally backinto society. This isnt the first time and hopefully not the last. Because of it, I wanted to also create a thread that involved input from other members on how they all overcame the idea of thought broadcasting. I would appreciate it if everyone could pitch in and write about what worked for them and how they changed their thinking. Aloha

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I just got lucky. Abilify stopped it for me.

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invega slowed my thinking down enough to allow myself to try to begin to retrain my brain. that would have been nice if it was as simple as a drug stopping it for me. Medication defiantly helps tho for sure

actually gcar i suffer from thought broadcasting that won’t seem to go away.

i think it might help if communication skills were better – i find myself trying to talk through the “nose.”.

it is just the way it feels.

thanks for asking. judy

I still suffer from thought broadcasting. I Also believe my visions are broadcast as well. I was on Abilify and at the 15mg dosage and it did make me forget about the symptoms for awhile but that stopped working. I’m currently trying Geodon at 80mg bid. I’m not sure the idea will ever go away, I’m just hoping I can forget about it so I can go back to work. I’m currently on a leave of absence. Please keep the ideas coming, they are greatly appreciated. :heart:

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