Tip toe santa (poem)

tip toe Santa

winter danced a merry tune
the logs lay on the grate
i never thought i’d meet so soon
santa on the slate

he did not slip nor slide that night
for all was sleeping on yule tide
he did not fumble or tumble down
the chimney until he reached the ground

he did not clutter or clump his feet
he was quiet, tidy and neat
laying a foot his bounty complete
and eating the cookies as well

the milk was just as good
but he did not come for drink or food
he came because someone was nice
a whole year deserves a price

but Santa was clear that him and his dear
where not the prize of xmas each year
he said people would rasp and curse at the sound
of something even more profound

a baby boy in a manger lay
in a stable 2000 years past this day
he was the son of all sons on the earth
he brought great tidings of love and mirth

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