Tip to encourage washing/putting on clean clothes

The meds are finally pretty good for the positive symptoms. But the negative ones still suck. I was quite bad over winter. Basically wore the same pyjamas 24/7 for about 3 months. I really smelled bad. But the thought of a shower was for some reason just not an option.

From hanging around this forum I have seen lots of other people here have the same problem. This made me feel better - up to this point I thought I was just weird (other people said I was unhygienic and lazy). Anyway over the last month I have managed to shower roughly about twice a week.

My way of doing this was to lay out clean clothes on my chair a couple of days before. This made it easier to get a shower cos for me I think my problems are centred around feeling exposed and vulnerable when naked and washing. Putting the clothes out beforehand meant I was spending less time vulnerable. I have used this prior preparation in the shower as well: laying out bath mats, towels and soap.

I mean doing all this isn’t a magic tip but it has helped me.


I do not have a laundry machine and so I take my clothes to one laundry place regularly. When you think that taking a shower lasts only few minutes, this should not be a too hard task to be achieved.


I have mastered the four minute daily shower. I am encouraged by my tdoc to do so, ( there is always the background threat of hospitalization if I don’t take care of myself.)


i too have a problem with being naked …well at first anyway…once i’m in there (bath or shower) i’m fine…then it’s just a quick hop to my room where i can quite happily lay there in a towel drying off. once i’ve had the shower or bath i wonder what the fuss was all about! but i do have to force myself and there are some days where i just can’t do it. this has to change. it’s such a simple task and only take 10 minutes in the shower or 25 minutes in the bath. :slight_smile:

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