Tin foil hat verses magnet hat, quandary!


tin foil hats i think with the right design could look quite fetching.
you could have the pirate look,
or the charles the second cavalier look, quite becoming i think !?!

the negative of magnet hats is going into a cafe, and acquiring through the magnetic force of the said hat, all the cutlery in the whole place !!

…mmmmmm…i’ll get back to you.
take care


I want to make a tinfoil hat an inch thick. :slight_smile: Then it will work really well. But don’t your thoughts leak through your face? Do I need a knight’s helmet with a mouth guard? Oh well I was mostly wearing it just to be silly anyway. I have one I call my privacy hat because it makes my friends laugh. But Costco sells huge rolls of foil. I can’t resist making a helmet. With a point on top just to look extra rediculous.


Would a lead hat work better? It blocks radiation. It would be super heavy though.


i am thinking of making a tin foil suit, a bit saville row-sophisticated, it will match the hat and i will look good, and no one will hear me , i will totally blend in…genius…
take care
p.s the lead hat sounds good but i think i might need a gym membership to lift it…!!


You can still be too sexy for your shirt, on the catwalk.


You know, I think I saw lady gaga wearing one :wink:


you see, that guy looks awesome !!..but i will look better, especailly with the matching pants…and maybe a trench coat !?!
" i’m too sexy for my shirt "
" too sexy for my shirt ’
" too sexy it hurts "
" i’m a model…"
take care


Both tin foil hats and magnetic hats will enhance the mind control rays… Aluminum is a conduit for electricity and used for electrical wiring and antennas…magnets are used in speakers…
these objects have been promoted as being helpful against mind control rays but this is all deception by the military industrial entertainment complex, the demonic aliens who possessed Aliester Crowleys body and the CIA.
the KGB stole the information from the CIA during the cold war but we later found out the CIA gave them the information in exchange for some good Siberian Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, aka Alice in Wonderland, then they drank Vodka and swore an oath never to disclose this secret but come on man, how many secrets can you really keep after taking mushrooms and drinking vodka, no matter how much the CIA tried to debrief and reprogram the agent upon his return?


@darksith Guess what? I found lead foil tape on eBay. I am totally buying it. I would love to see a tinfoil suit. If you do it take pics. I have a baseball hat that says " My other hat is made of tinfoil" lol


And toxic to you. Lead poisoning is not fun.


@sasha Yes that is true. If I get it I will use gloves and put it as a layer between the tinfoil layers. Don’t worry. I will be safe. Thanks for watching out for me. :slight_smile:


You might also want to consider something to support the helmet. If you are doing the lead at an inch thick (and depending on the volume that the lead needs to cover ie. your skull) this could become very heavy resulting in a very large amount of constant pressure on your skull plates resulting in stress fractures to the skull and increased pressure on your spinal column and discs. This could lead to back problems, severe headaches, and muscle fatigue in your neck and back.

Also stay away from anything electrical with a tinfoil/aluminium hat or clothes. The electrical resistance of aluminium is very high and exposure to a higher amperage will cause it to super heat and expand. Also aluminum tends to be quite fragile and will separate and break down with wear.


@sasha Thanks for the info. I was planning just one layer of lead foil and the rest tinfoil. Not an inch thick of lead. And I wasn’t planning on wearing it all the time. Yes, good point about staying away from electricity. I think Aluminum is more conductive than copper.


It is not that it is more conductive it is that it resists the electricity more than copper so for example a aluminum wire would need to be larger then a copper wire to handle the same current. Meaning that aluminum will heat up when current is put through it… more current more heat.


this is what really works, and my wife made one

I have tested this against directed energy and it works to some extent


@e_lunaseer It sounds like to make the ultimate helmet I need tin foil, lead foil, and velostat in layers then. It will stop everything! Yay!