Timing is everything

Timing is everything

In life and love

If you decide to hide

And hesitate too long

Your soulmate will sail off with another

Timing is everything

I wish I could revisit the moment I ran

What I didn’t realize at the time

Was that, in running away from fear,

& leaving it up to fate,

I lost that chance

View from today

Marriage is a hard bond to break

Motioning to take someone’s spot down the way

Is a cruel move

To make

Because it involves breaking the hearts of many

And the destruction of a loving, connected family

If our paths never meet again

I completely understand,

In my mind,

And through my eyes,

You will always remain,

The perfect man


I Don’t Believe in Love

I don’t believe in love.
I got my reasons:
Hearts too fickle,
or too cruel,
weighed me down,
for far too long.
And now I’m free,
from the burdens of
that reality.
And I can now
be free to
put my love
where it’s most in need.
And that’s at the feet
of the world.


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