Time to register again

Well… Fall is nearly here and I got my notice for when my registration date and time is.

It’s hard to believe it’s that time already… I’m going for two classes again… one on-line and one on campus.

Winter I have very short work hours… so I’ll be trying for three classes.

This time it’s just Plant biology and Math. There is also a workshop my job wants to send me too since they see I’m serious about sticking with this job. It’s city planning and open space. The books on that are pretty interesting … to me anyway…

Who else out there is gearing up for another quarter/ semester?


I’m getting ready for another one. My second to last one as an undergrad. I need a terabyte drive, three more pairs of socks, two pairs of black cargo pants, and a pair of extra wide steel toe boots.

I will be conducting my study this coming semester, it should be straightforward. Thinking of a study and reviewing the literature was hard, this is better. I loaded up on credits this summer to make senior year as easy as possible.


I’m trying to get the math’s, bio’s and chem’s out of the way as early as I can so my final terms will be a little easier.

There’s a 2 credit class on swimming… I want to take that one last if I need some last minute credits… (I hope I pass :wink:)


I registered for my next class about three weeks ago. Its “Communication and Gender Roles”. I start on Sept. 21st. Including this class, I got four more to go.


Congrats J on sticking with school and planning it out. I just finished my BS and it doesn’t feel real yet that I’m done. Before class was over we started planning my graduation party. I kept thinking I was going to screw it up somehow. My mind started to amp up half way through and I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish. But I’m done! Yay! Good luck with classes @mortimermouse @77nick77 and @SurprisedJ ! You’ll reach the end before you know it. :sunny:


Also … congratulations to you for fighting through the hard times and being able to finish… It must feel great to be done.

I hope your party goes off well… you deserve it.

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Just wanted to give everyone on this thread a big :+1: for all y’all have accomplished. Keep on plugging away!


Thanks J! I’m really looking forward to my party. I wanted to help my mom pay for it but she said I shouldn’t. My cousin is really good with planning events so she is helping also. For the decorations she wants to incorporate Pink Floyd’s another brick in the wall part 2. Each table will have a sign that says on one side “we don’t need no education” and the other side will say something like “but I wanted on anyway.” My favorite band is Pink Floyd. Yesterday I got a banner and invitations that I ordered for it. The party should be fun. How much more school do you have? If I remember correctly you started not that long ago. You have a great advantage though to have a job in the field you’re going for. Just one piece of advice. If the head circus gets in the way of turning an assignment in on time tell the teacher you have a chronic illness (you don’t have to say what it is) and it is preventing you from turning the assignment in on time. I had to do that with my last class and my instructor was very understanding and didn’t take any late points off. You can also get ADA accommodations for more time if you need it. Good luck with your classes!! You’re a smart and tenacious guy, you got this. :sunny:


This party isn’t just a B-Q in the back yard with some hand made streamers…

This sounds like an all out / top or the mark sort of affair… very cool.

I’m plugged into the student’s with disabilities office and I do get some extra help. The assignment time is getting better for me… I’m getting used to routine and taking better notes.

it’s taking test in a class room with all the noise and sniffling and paper shuffling… I do get to take my test proctored in a different room… That helps a lot.

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I’m taking every monday and wednesday at 8:30 am PHILOSOPHY- CRITICAL THINKING


every monday and wednesday at 11:30 am INTRO TO CREATIVE WRITING

I’m very excited as these classes come of great interest to me. And I really enjoyed last semester…I got a B in my only class after every being out of school for years


We were thinking of having the party in our back yard but were concerned if it rains. So we’re having it at a restaurant.

That’s great you’re set up with accommodations. They really help. :sunny:

**Congrats @SunGirl! :confetti_ball: **

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Way to go, @turningthepage. A “B” is a VERY respectable grade.

Congratulations @SunGirl . I hope the party is fun.

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