Time to protect myself

a whileback i went to the police to report a rape but i chickened out at the last minute. this time i’m going to c a lawyer just in case anything happens to me about this case. i have many predictions of what they will try and the more i’m proved right the stronger my case will b. wish me luck folks. xxx

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Best of luck to you, hope you get what your after. Stay strong.

thanx hun. i will. xxx

good luckxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope it works out well for you.

i wasn’t watching it alias. it was me it happened to. xxx

oh im very very sorry, and embarrassed for my post.
i wish you all the best with your case

how did you get on jaynebeal? hope your ok.

haven’t been yet dandy, i have to save up for the solicitor to deposit information to b held there. and i’m not ready for the police just yet. i’ll let u know what happens when the time comes xxx

good luck i think your very bravexxx

best of luck to you Jayne. I hope you get justice for what you went through.