Time to look for a new dr? What would you do?

My dr wants to increase zyprexa by 5 mg in the morning (35 mg total). I told her last time I took over 30 mg, I got chest pains. She said it’s because I took it all at night all at once. Then I said I only wanted the melting zyprexas, but she said the swallow pills are fine. I’m not taking it.

Over a bit of time she will take me: off my adhd med, off Rexulti, off over 1/2 of my dose of anxiety med, off prn haldol, and possibly off mood stabilizer too.

Do I look for a new dr? It’s so hard for me to speak up/stand up for myself.


Google doctors in your area. Then look at the star rating system. Determine whether the place they work at is worth while. And we’ll take your insurance. Then try to get an appointment.


Thanks @DrZen That is helpful. If I decide to go ahead and try a different dr I will definitely use the tips you’ve mentioned!!


Different doctor for sure!
I call that drs doctors from hell.
Deffinite new one.

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I don’t think going up 5mg is a good idea if you get chestpains, even if you split the dose zyprexa half life can be up to 56 hours or so. Splitting the dose might still give you chestpain.

If your doctor is set on changes you are not comfortable with I would switch doctor and start fresh.

I changed doctor myself some years back. I would probably be dead if I didn’t. Long story, but medication was at the heart of it.


I think if you have the option available to you to choose a different doc then I would do so. Here we don’t have that luxury. It’s hard for millions to find just a family doctor. Luckily my pdoc is awesome. My family doctor is too busy and wrapped up in protocol to be of much help.

35 mg of zyprexa is alot. I take 22.5 mg down from 30. If you are not happy with your doctor get a new doctor.

Id get a new one. But i also dont let my doc dictate what i should do. I just do my own research and let her know what id like to do then adjust things as it goes.

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Doctors can be so stupid and dismissive of chest pains. I told them about mine and they still forced a depot injection on me without doing any tests etc on my heart. I literally could have died from how bad the pains were I was on the verge of a heart attack and they still didn’t listen…

If you can’t stand up for yourself then get a new doc. I recommend you stand up and tell her your not going to take 35 mg of Zyprexa and that’s that. She cant make you.

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