Time to live for myself - life's to short for anything but

Since dad passed away I’ve been thinking some. About the last 31 years … I’ve always tried to be the good daughter. But look where that has got me. Afraid to even make my own decisions. I never cared about what anyone thought about me. I cared more about what anyone would say to my mum and how’d that make her feel. But time to be selfish.

A few days ago I met this guy who says he is an ex Muslim. I like him. So what? We’re both on the same page. We’re both atheists. But noooooooo. Mum says his family is one that makes him one too. And you know, so what if he was. I told my cousin she told me to stay away. I told my aunt she told me to stay away. You you know what? I’ll do what feels right to me.


And so you should.

Good on you ish!

I agree that you should do what makes you happy. You can’t please everyone and who you date is your choice not theirs. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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amen to that, go LIVE YOUR LIFE @anon80629714 !. Yeah Yeah…parents and all that…at the end IT IS YOUR LIFE and not THEIRS. They do not have a right to call YOUR life. Only YOU do.

Sometimes it takes a while in life, but eventually you just become who you truly are. I think you’re at that stage right now, Ish.

What a refreshing post! :sunny:

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