Time to get rid of my phone

For a short while at least I cannot help it to spend my whole day on it. God knows how I do that I don’t even watch many videos but I’m always on it. I had 25gb of data this month maybe more. All used up. Well I have 2 days to use 4gb

I’m the exact same. I spend all day on my phone. I’m listening to a podcast on it, while being on the forum.

Do you find it to be effecting you, I feel it’s really unhealthy i had to deactivate Facebook again cos I’m even getting to the stage I’m revealing wayyyy to much

No, I’m not on social media, I limit myself to this forum. I think my phone helps me actually. I seem to do everything on it. I enjoy using it.

But I use less than 5gb a month. Are you streaming videos or something?

Some of it yes as my knitting tutorials on YouTube but didn’t think I was using it that much … plus have wifi most the time.

20-25gb is quite a lot ! Maybe you’re streaming at 720p instead of 360p or something. I use youtube myself too. I don’t think I could use 25gb a month if I tried.

Is there anyway you can tell which apps are using all the data? In settings or something?

But looking at knitting tutorials seems healthy.

You’ve made me think about my own phone use now though. I am always doing something with it. I have all my music on it too.

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I need to sit down and work out how I’m using it. I think I’m obsessively thinking Facebook snapchat instagram downloading apps deleting apps etc I might need to downgrade phone but how long before I get a new one

Here’s how to see which apps are using the data


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I’ve had three and that was enough for me and now keep to a landline with an answering machine.