Time to cut back on complaining



Good article! True for me, and for the people close to me. Thank you for sharing this.


Yea I’ve stopped complaining and it’s helped a lot. Some people on this forum should pick up on the habit haha


I used to complain constantly, when I was psychotic and paranoid. I constantly complained of my paranoia and psychosis to anyone who would listen. When I was depressed and suicidal, I complained about that too. Everybody called me “negative”. I think I had right to be negative under the circumstances. Then in 2014, I joined an order of Benedictines and their rule stated that you can’t complain or grumble. So, that year, I quit complaining. And in the next two years, the paranoia and psychosis went away.


I liked the article but I think it’s worth remembering that some people do not have the insight into their own thoughts that you need to “catch yourself.”

Particularly bi-polar people and those who are “mentally challenged” and probably others do not have the ability to do this and it is better to avoid preaching to them about complaining and becoming more positive. It just makes them more frustrated.


I go back and forth with my complaining. Sometimes I try to focus on the positive and change my thoughts other times I feel the need to let it out. But it is true things can snowball and put me in a state of mind. Too much negative sure doesn’t feel good and dwelling on it can make it bigger. But sometimes when a really big negative happens getting it out, crying, complaining releases the pressure of my emotions.


I think that’s more situational and not habitual, which is totally fine. No one’s saying to never be a downer, just not all the time.


I used to be an avid complainer; now I’m trying to form new -positive- pathways in my brain for the sake of not only my sanity but the sanity of those around me. :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t point fingers at bipolar people. Some of the biggest complainers I’ve ever heard were sz people.


The depression and suicidal thoughts had been long gone by then.