Time ticks by slowly

i am bored and lonely. i miss my partner she called twice since they have been gone. she almost ruined her phone she went on a log drop ride. my in laws said they asked for people to come check on me but no one has shown up.

Why didn’t you go on vacation with your family? :slightly_frowning_face:

there was no room in the car and they only paid for five tickets and paid me to stayed behind and take care of the animals because they said they didn’t trust anyone in the house in case people like my partner’s cousins or aunt would snoop around.

That’s kind of rude. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go. Animals are amazing, but I imagine that you’d rather be with your family. Next time you should get to go while someone else stays behind. At least you’re getting paid though. I wish I had something better to say. If you can find a place that sells funnel cake, then you don’t have to worry because you experienced the best part of any vacation. *hug*

(hugs) well my in laws said the other reason i couldn’t go is my screwed up ankle. i broke it two years ago and its never been the same since.

i figure i can just wait until the parade and fair comes to town in july. its not as big but i walked around there 4 months after my ankle surgery in 2016.

i’m getting paid 100 dollars for this weekend.

i took care of all the animals and i’m currently keeping my partner’s little sister’s boston terrier mix company. she goes to the door and whines when she hears people outside like they are there for her

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How many animals do you have to take care of?

Two dogs, two cats, two bearded dragons, two rabbits, a parakeet and a frog i forgot three fish tanks. One of the bearded dragons, the parakeet, two of the fish tanks and frog are ours. Though according to my partner the frog is just mine.

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That’s a lot of animals. They should pay you more than $100. Plus you should get extra for staying behind and not getting to enjoy the vacation.

it was originally just going to be 50 dollars but my partner and mother in law said i should get 50 per day they are gone so its a 100. the animal they are mainly worried about is their dog jax a boston terrier mix. she is incredibly needy

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