Time reconnection

i am reconnecting whats up ?


With me? Not much. Trying to stay positive.

I feel like I’m getting worse but I’m not sure how or why. I’ve given up on trying make sense of things, but at the same time I feel like things have never made more sense.

Last night my roommate said that I seem like I’m two different people. I’m trying not to dwell on that but it’s honestly how I feel.

I’m getting some friends together to watch the sun set at the beach :slight_smile:

How are you? :heart::two_hearts:

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That’s really awesome that you go to see sun … I will go to the beach too when will be summer…I am fine struggling with work … preparing to sleep…I am very simple …

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How much longer do you have to wait for summer?

Yes, the work/sleep struggle is real :confused:

I need to wait one month … but it’s pretty warm now , just not for swimming :swimming_woman:

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Oh my gosh, I haven’t been swimming in years! Pool or lake?

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I go to swim in the sea in summer

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Oh even better!! Is it far from where you live?

nope it’s pretty near about 30-40 minutes

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Oh that’s excellent! :blush: I recently moved, but where I was before was approximately a million miles from anything. The sea is so pretty :heart:

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