Time period of withdrawal


After (partial) medication withdrawal or change, how long does it usually take to find a new balance? To be done with withdrawals and rebound psychosis and feelings coming back and cognitive skills changing and neurotransmitters and receptors finding a new balance, and all that?

I know there is irreversible stuff…of my own and medication induced. Symptoms might just return.

But im quite interested in the temporary things. When can i safely say “this is the brain im stuck with from now on? It wont get better than this”.

Is that a week, a month, a year, a decade? What research is there on this subject?


When you come off meds there’s a honeymoon period for about a month or so.

Then after that without meds you’ll get worse inch by inch until you lose insight at which point you’re a danger to yourself and others.

Don’t come off your meds. Switch to other meds if necessary instead.

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Thanks for the warning! I will be careful! I really appreciate your concern.

I lowered the haldol with just 0.5mg beginning of January or so (?), i still use some.

It is important for me to try. I monitor closely how i feel. When i am badly triggered, i use more meds immediately for a few days.

Recently i noticed im feeling more of everything, which i love, and im more active and socially interested. But i also have some delusional thoughts. Which is why i wondered. They are manageble. But if it gets worse im back on my old steady dose again. If i start talking crazy stuff, please tell me.

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I also thought of taking the huge huge huge step for me and trying a different med. I have kind of a love-hate relationship with haldol though. Im terrified of staying on it forever, but quitting it and trying a new med is scary too.

I will try this low dose thing first. :slight_smile:

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Let us know how it goes! My psychiatrist said you can get a good read on what are side effects from the meds and what is baseline after five days off of meds, but symptoms can return at any time.