Time out - But will be back

Hi Friends,

I know now what I have to do, this is the only opportunity I have.

I have informed all the details upfront, from start to now, you can find it in my profile.

I just recollected on the story the psychologist said he made lots of sense…

The story was of a boy who failed his studies,
He had 4 options…

  1. He left studies and joined uncles business
  2. He retook the exam and passed.
  3. He took resposiblity given to him by others.
  4. He looked up the fan and

This text will be hidden

By the way the above story was said to me and not to others, because he studied me well and knew what to say.

I will miss you guys a lot, it was Love I found here.

I know I will make some new stories from now and get back to you .

Because I have nothing else to say but to repeat.
And only thing left is start a new story and will get back.

If any thing you like to let me know tag me,

Love you all lots.

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for how long you going?

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seems like we’re always Odysseus on here.

well, good luck. hope you conquer.

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I am not be going anywhere is just that won’t be looking in here, you can always tag me.


ah ok, that’s good =)

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