Time management tips?

I’ve been living with my bf for nearly a year now and we both work. I was unemployed for my first few months here and that allowed for me to easily focus on getting all of the housework done while my bf was at work. That particular aspect of our lives has been a struggle since I found employment. It feels like I get home and have to carefully contemplate how to spend the five hours or so of free time before bedtime. Dinner, basic cleaning, laundry, easy enough, right? But I just never feel like I have enough time to get everything done. And once those five hours are up, I’m out for the night, only to wake up for more of the grind at like 6:30 am lol. My bf does help, for the record; he frequently insists on doing so. His job is more physical than mine, though, and he suffers joint pain, and I would prefer for him to rest more at home for those reasons.

I’ll admit organization is not my strong suit at all but perhaps a system of sorts could really be of help here? What do you all suggest?

To-Do list for a week. It won’t be perfect. Batch tasks on certain days. Weekends or specific week days.

I don’t have to worry about cooking. Have to do laundry, clean my room. Sometimes make sure house is clean. Get groceries, check stock of these. These are easy. But work can be stressful sometimes.

It gets better with time. But what annoys me most is work/chores not done. Looking at unchecked things from old lists.

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