Time limit on editing posts?

I feel like there shouldn’t be a time period for editing posts. I know some posters post pictures of themselves then regret it. Not speaking for myself necessarily but for others.

Sometimes we post things that we regret and we should be able to delete it. Also think we should be able to delete topics we post.


I agree. when my paranoia hits, I regret a lot but mostly the pics or stuff I think are identifiers.

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@velociraptor @SzAdmin. Can you guys at least provide an explanation for why the editing rules are so strict?

and that is why i dont post photos :blush:


Or controversial threads that you may later regret? :ghost:

I agree as well. Wish people would stop posting pics of themselves as that seems to be the number one thing we have to remove, and people always get in a panic about it when I’m at work and am limited in what I can do.