Time is moving quicker or is it just me?

Seems like yesterday was New Years Eve, now we’re in April already!

Is it just me or time is passing really quickly?

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Yes it’s going noticeably faster as I grow older, and as it goes noticably faster, I seem to grow older faster as well. This can escalate rapidly…

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Exactly what I was thinking.

It’s fine with me I was sick of Winter anyway, glad Spring is finally here. Well sort of, Michigan weather goes back and forth several times before an official commitment to Spring.

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Yeah, here in Lisbon the temperatures have risen but it’s raining, so not officially spring yet.

I’ll wait for when the sun is shining.

I can remember when a year seemed like an eternity. Now I don’t know where the last fifteen years have gone. I’m wondering how fast my next fifteen will go.

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Me too. When we’re kids time passes really slow

When you’re five a year is 1/5 of your life. Now, over ten years is 1/5 of my life. I remember when I was a kid the whole idea of being a grown up was so remote I didn’t even think about it.

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Time has been passing faster for me since I entered the world of virtual reality. This website has made a lot of difference and so has having computers in the first place.

Also aging does speed up time since each day, month, and year is a smaller portion of our life experience.

It’s not just for you. :smiley:

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels it :smile:

Yesss indeed, computers and technology in general help the time seem to pass quicker.

Also people speed up in the spring as the days become longer and brighter. And they drive like dickheads in the spring, forgetting all their driving lessons and concentrating on feeling good.

True. I think the missing turn signal is a common wordly problem.

About technology: If I go on a media fast giving up computers, television, radio, music, books etc, the world slows down considerably. I find myself, like @pob has done, lying on the bed and listening to the birds sing. :relaxed:

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I was on a plane just a few days ago and brought a book with me to distract myself, read the entire book on the plane and time flew with me :smile:

If you have ongoing activities, time flies really fast.

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