Time for vodka!

Back on Becks though tonight. Day was a total bust. Nothing to do. I need a hobby.

Have two left. Don’t want to drink them cause I would rather get this place spic-an-span and me clean too.

I have 30 minutes to decide if I want to drink anymore tonight. Coffe actually sounds better but I’m also trying to fall asleep. Effitall I’m gonna have a smoke( tobacco).

I’m over with the cigarettes today. I need a clean house and a happy dream.

I’ve never heard of Rakia before, but in the states we have something called “everclear”, which is pure grain alcohol. It comes in two strengths 75.5% or 95%. Two shots of it and you’re f*cked up.

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Rakia is made of fruits mostly plums. And than its called šljivovica. Try to spell that :smile:
Im sure you can find it in some immigrants stores

It’s made of plums? Sounds like that could be dangerous! :hankey:

Actually that’s kind of cool. Elderly people could just take a shot of that to get the daily fiber they need to stay regular! That’s something to look forward to after retirement! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes - lots of people here are attending school. Perhaps slowly phase in so its not too stressful - start with one class, and then increase as you feel able. Its really good to get out on a regular basis and be moving in a direction that can help you in life.