Time for vodka!

…because today was hard. I need to get a life; maybe go back to school. Something.

I like vodka.
Vodka is good.
Not better then RAKIJA though.

I can’t sleep with vodka and i always drink to much so i avoid it. Just beers for me :smile:

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blechh…vodka blechh…I much prefer beer. haha…

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I can’t drink vodka. I only drink wine, sometimes beer- you just can’t swill down a bunch of wine and not get noticed. I only drink socially, rarely do I have a drink alone.

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I dont drink myself because i had problems with drink i cant stop at just one i drink the whole bottle if i could get away with it
plus meds and drink isnt really going to help me
Am glad i dont drink anymore
i was a mess when i was drunk id drink so much i ended up on the floor having to go to the hospital because i was too ■■■■■■ to hold my drink

Vodka No thank you

2 sierra nevada 24 ounces and im good

Got a six pack of wheat beer to kill the afternoon.

If you like vodka i’d recommend you to try
Rakia. Contains about 50-80% of alcohol.

That stuff is strong ekkk. But if your system handles it well iam sure it does sence you posted i can’t drink that without getting sick. Don’t run from your problems deal with them and move forward no fear vodka wont get you there, as far as fixing your life no one gona fix it for you something you going to have to do. hope this helps

No, it’s time for Diet Dr. Pepper. Drinking used to be fun but when I got clean I found a steady job, I went back to college, and I got to met cool SOBER people in AA, CA, and NA.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. And yes, Virginia, it is VERY possible to have fun without doing drugs or drinking.
Sorry, I’m very tired. I didn’t mean to rain on the parade. But I’m not worried about you guys abiity to defend yourselves or your ability to ignore this.


…? hmm

I went through my vodka and other hard drink phase so now I drink good tasting beer that I enjoy.

Whatever does it for you.


I’m not much of a drinker so I had a mixed drink; not too exciting. Just want to feel better at this point.

I hear you I think about vodka but one shot will turn 10 shots for me pretty quick.

Can’t stand liqour any more.

Anyways I’ve finished my beer an am looking forward to a good nights sleep.

I’ve drank a couple beers…not much though. Feeling alright.

I’m debating with myself whether I should hitch hike the seven miles to the liquor store tomorrow and buy some liquor. There are good reasons not to, but, damnit, I want to get drunk.

Give it a few days I’ll bet you don’t feel that way. You’re probably just bored.

I’m debating going and finding a bar and killing some time and wasting some money.

Just wish there was something else to do. The sz was creeping back in a minute ago. Perhaps I should avoid public places tonight.

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So it goes…

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There is to much driving involved to have a good time at the bars.

The only place the girls are at are the most expensive and crowded places.

There are hardly any good deals anywhere though unless you like drinking pbr.

The sz wave has passed though. This ■■■■ is finally starting to clear up.