Time for Tambourines and a Hand Drum

I bought/ordered myself a hand drum and a couple different tambourines to play around with, so I can get myself off my phone/internet.

They are waiting for me at my post office.
Can’t wait to pick them up tomorrow morning.

I want to get proficient at drumming and rhythm.
I’m excited and can’t sleep, lol!


sounds like a ton of fun. We have bongos and tambourines. Oh that reminds me one of my neighbors wants to get together for bongo night. I’m really anxious about it, but perhaps I should do it. She has little kids so it would be fun. maybe I could do it if I take some Ativan first.

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A drum circle would be so much fun.

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Sounds like fun @Jackie!
I had a drum set growing up :slight_smile:

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