Time for my butt injection_Heat and Abilify advice

Here in the waiting room. I’m asking the nurse about abilify injections and heat. I get overheated a lot at kickboxing and I remember someone telling me the abilify causes that.
Going to ask what symptoms to look out for since I will be exercising I’m 100 degree weather today.

UPDATED before posting:
I’m home now and I asked the nurse about heat, exercise, and abilify.
She said that yes, it makes you more likely to overheat. She said to watch out and stop exercising if I felt dizzy or if I was super red and flushed. she suggested drink pedia-lite mixed with water to replenish my electrolytes.

I also found out that I’m not on medium dose, I’m on a max dose of 400 mg! Nobody told me they bumped me up from the 15 mg of Abilify in pill form to the max, which would equate to 30 mg of Abilify. Feeling a little bit deceived, but whatever, at least I won’t go insane now for sure. 15 was low and I had to persuade my pdoc to let me take it…


I’ve tried to figure out what the equivalent oral dose of abilify injections are and could never figure it out. It might not be the equivalent of 30mg.

oh okay, thank you! I just asked the nurse if it was the max dose and she said, yes

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