Time for breakfast - What are you eating?

I’m having an egg in a tortilla with cheese. Perhaps some oats and the last of my yogurt.

Y tu?

And reviewing my mantras

No overt desires.
Dismantle my aversions.
Commit to disbelief.
Don’t analyze to deeply or firmly.
See people as individuals.


It’s my super time now here in China. I am having a fish hamburger with chips and balck tea, I bought it from McDonalds. I like it.


I had 2 slices of toast and a coffee.


I had a big yogurt and some coffee


Yo check this out minnii!


I think I might get myself set up to do this next month… really gotta get my car sorted out… its either just and oil change or replacing a part… ah and the timing belt and cam seals… forget about those…

Chocolate! (It’s 22:00)

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If you’re up for it I don’t see why not, but you don’t strike me as an administrative businessman

Still out of all the choices for that type of degree… Business Administration is the best one.

I have crap loads of college credit and I’ll finally have something to put on a resume and get my GPA back in line.

Regardless of what you say. I DO see myself as the business type. I have management experience and I’m good with numbers. I’m a good communicator. Not the most authoritative, but the kind of business I’d start wouldn’t be about work, work, work,… it’d be create, create, create…

Probably video games at first… Also thinking of flipping houses. I’m going to get this degree first.


i am with the milk tea in my hands…


Sounds like a good plan from that perspective :relaxed: Didn’t mean to mean you couldn’t do it, just that you’re free spirited, but yeah you are good with numbers and some grounding like school will definitely do you good.

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A lesson I’ve learnt too slowly is that when your passions lay in the realm of creativity, the best academic path is not to enhance the passion, but to learn how to monetise it.

I’d get to choose my employees… they’d all likely be free spirited and fun oriented… and likely intelligent with strong cultural overlaps… appreciation of nerd culture… and adult swim.

Unreal Engine 4 to Steam… it’s basically free to get into the business.

I don’t have to deal with the other crap of the industry…

You basically have to write a novel to make a game suggestion to a company… then they just hack it apart.

I don’t read. So that’s a major issue.

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You sound just like the boss I never had, but always needed in order to feel it worthwhile investing myself fully. I usually give about 5% of my brainpower and effort and still overachieve in all metrics - I just don’t smile at all, talk about it, or go to any of the work events :smiley:

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I had a cheeseburger flavored hot pocket - tasty - a glass of 1% milk, a glass of apple juice, and a glass of vegetable juice. I’m good to go.

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lolol. Are you hear as a voyeur? You’re too funny to be crazy. Or too upbeat. Ah-ha. You’re high. You’re honestly in a good mood? To hell with you. I want to mope and flounder about in tales of woe.

I really don’t know what I am or why I do anything right now. I was pretty dysphoric a minute ago!

Disorganized thinking!! Beautiful! Suffering! Wait, but you still sound happy. Is there at least a camera in the air-conditioning vent? Is the alternating current from the wiring in the wall scrambling your thinking? No, you’re happy. I can tell.

hah and you sound like my kind of emp!

Where you from?

I had a REALLY bad day. One of those days where I felt like the rest of the world was in fast forward and myself unable to comprehend anything, let alone interact at all. Then I got over-tired and logged in here and things have slowed down again. :slight_smile: I think just sharing thoughts and reading you-all-r’s is very therapeutic.

thank you. so i’m therapeutic? what does that make you? my patient or my victim?

i hate that you had a bad day after what i wrote. i wish i could make it better. is there something you always wanted to be told? tell me and i’ll write it.