Time capsules...that's how I see this site

ever want to bury a time capsule? that’s what I do on here…bury messages for those that need help…a discovery in older threads? I can be myself on here…no regrets. Who likes this site as something important to them as much as I do?

edit…I wonder if I am bothering this site? why do people not like me on here?


My guess is that people still like you here. It has been almost a year, though.

everyone: find a thread from like 10 years ago and bring em to the top of the feed

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That’s how I feel about the Christian forum I go to I hope I’m helping by finding relevant Bible passages to questions and then wonder if anyone even likes me. I’m sorry you feel like people don’t like you here. That’s rough

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I get hung up when people don’t like me and I think it makes me a little stressed out and I get whacky a bit. sorry for the inferior post ya’ll…I’ll try and work on my confidence.

Some people are just more confident than others


If I had joined this site a year earlier, my improvement over time would have been so noticeable to everybody. I basically hopped on just when things were already getting better. It felt like the right thing to do.

I’m amazed sometimes I see necro’d threads from like 2015 with posts by people still active on the forum. It’s good to know some people stick around, but it looks like 80% of people go in and out over the years as they need it.


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