Til death do you part

Lovers, a life threatening condition.

Shouldn’t it be til death does you part? Never thought about it but death is the subject here, isn’t it?

Edit: Ugh, have learned far more about 16th century subjunctive mood than is healthy this close to midnight.

The subject is whatever you want it to be, i just make the posts man, the rest is up to whatever you are imagining.

Well, you can’t be making grammatically incorrect posts Pans. You’re upsetting the equilibrium of Rhubot’s universe when you do that, you know. :angry: :smile:

I asked this question of the Void (here played by Google) and have now found myself acquainted with the most pedantic of grammarians. So sorry it ever occurred to me.

There are so many grammar nerds in the Void :book: :nerd:

Yeah, watch out for the “death us depart” and “death us doth part” separatists. It’s a dangerous territory there.

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Should be more like “If we have kids we’ll stick together until they are on their own, and then if we don’t want to hurt eachother to badly at that point we’ll stick together. No kids though we’ll just do whatevs.”