Tik tok tik tok time time time

Have u ever felt that u have a full day in hand but there’s nothing much to do?

Usually i have full days in hand and i dont have much work to do

i wonder what should i do with all the time

forget anything productive but even normal work i dont seem to find.

if u relate how do u kill the time?

i dont like watching tv or anything on the net.

and its not just about killing the time can we do some useful work?

just day after day its meaningless

I read, i listen to music,
I go for walks with dog,
sometimes I cook,
surfing on the internet,
discovering new music on YouTube etc.

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Maybe you could to some volunteering?
There’s a lot of low-effort volunteering to do. Keeping animals company at a shelter, taking the elderly for walks in nursing homes, handing out food at pantries and soup kitchens, etc.

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good for u @Om


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Don’t you have any hobbies?

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hey thats a good suggestion @Pikasaur

certainly not a bad idea and actually very noble too

but i want to do something for me and something that improves my life than the way it is now

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i have no hobbies

the only hobby i had was when i was a kid and i used to collect stamps but that time i was normal and didnt have sz

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Well, volunteering would get you out of the house and let you socialize, and it tends to give people a feeling like they’re contributing and doing something worthwhile, leading to a boost in confidence and self-worth.

I’m positive it would improve your quality of life :slight_smile:

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thanx for the suggestion

i will definitely give it a thought.

but i m here in india so its not that easy not that it cant be done, there’s definitely volunteering here too but u have to be a bit careful.
but as u say definitely something to try

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