Throw blanket over the shoulders weather

It’s chilly. Not chilly enough for the heater. And I know it will get hot later today. But for now I’ve got a throw blanket over my shoulders. I’m sorry but I love it because I love to cuddle up. They aren’t mine anymore because I gave them all to my ex in the divorce but there are about 7 cuddly soft throws to choose from. I own some extra special ones that are packed right now, can’t wait till I move into my own place and unpack them so I can cuddle up with those ones again. They are extra soft and furry and over-sized. I even have a heated throw blanket packed for the super cold times. I love that one too.


Yeah chilly weather finally hit our area but like you it’s not cool enough constantly for the heater to go on.

Our mornings and evenings are especially cool.

I love Autumn weather! :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah there’s a certain excitement to Autumn for some reason

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Fall is the best season, sweatshirt weather.

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I bought one yesterday and have one over my shoulder whilst watching TV right now

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