Through the land of ice and snow

@moonbeam have you heard this little gem…my little one was beating his little drum to this while I was cooking…


My course I’m taking next quarter is on Antarctica and the arctic too but mostly Antarctica. And then I’m taking oceanography in the spring. Then I have to take basic biology/chemistry/geology pre-requisites all next year (tough classes) :astonished: if I wanna graduate

I should be able to graduate by the end of 2019!!! Just in time before the world ends.

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Bah that sounds like a full on headache…what exactly does a class on Antarctica entail…human history would be short…there’s like 3 spots that arnt covered in ancient ice maybe shrubs grow there…there have been some very cool things pulled out of a lake that they drilled down to…but that was pretty recent…

Check out the peranies map…spelled incorrectly…it shows Antarctica’s coast line despite only recently been outlined and confirmed by gpr…very odd bit of history that shouldn’t exist…

Flamelet sounds like such a cute kid! :smile:

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The whole Scandinavian thing going on. So much of the Norse mythology still alive and kicking theses days.

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We will examine Antarctica in winter quarter and compare it with the Arctic. Antarctica is governed by a 1958 treaty that emphasizes peace and scientific research. Established research stations and tourism operations bring thousands of people to the continent each year, introducing conflict and exploratory activities that defy the intent of the treaty. We examine the development of the whaling industry, the physical geography, sea ice, climate and climate change, animal life including extremophiles, explorations and claiming of the continent, and contemporary political and economic activities in the sub-region.

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Its more alive than you would guess…there was a call to the old ways and it was embraced whole heartedly by the adults of the 80s and their off spring…

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Made me think of the lyrics from this song

The title of this thread made me think of Iceland which made me think of Icelandic horses with their two unique gaits. :thinking:

My first thoughts when I saw the title was the theme song of Game of thones Song of fire and ice. Wish I could find the original full music version as seems to been removed from Youtube.