Thrilling self hatred

it is to those of us who have experienced social poverty.

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One older woman told me once that the key to life for her was to learn to like herself no matter what.

The problem with that is feelings. You can’t tell the heart how to beat. How do you shut down a nightmare?

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Nightmares run their course.They don’t last forever.

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Good point, if you’re not so frightened you do something stupid.

What do you mean Chordy?

One time someone asked me if I would like myself if no one else did. I said no at the time. Now I would say yes. Some things that might be changed for the better but I feel like I’m on the right track as a human being - that a lot of of people wouldn’t understand. I don’t know why but the self hatred seems like something else, at the core. Something eating at me at the same time. Maybe it’s one of those computer worms. Or maybe it’s loneliness.

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Having a nightmare while living alone. I drove away in the middle of the night and tried to get a motel room. They wouldn’t give me one.

Why wouldn’t they give you one?

Don’t know. Maybe I looked like a runaway. I know I looked frightened and underage.

self hatred comes easy…self love takes time to grow inside you.
take care