Thrift store scores

Found a Fisher Studio Standard dual deck and Sony bookshelf speakers for $15 total. The speakers are light on the bass end, but perfect for background music on my work system.

Everything works and is in good nick other than the deck is missing some back feet, but I can have a friend print those for me for like $4. Quite satisfied.



It is amazing what you might find it one last week I found a racing jacket that was actually signed


Kick ass Pixel!! I frequent a charity thrift store in my neighborhood. Just picked up a couple shirts from them the other day.

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i bought an antique set of wooden golf clubs for 12 bucks one time. im hoping some collector will want them in 30 years for big money!


I just got 2 hoodies and a shirt at goodwill for 15.




That seems like a pretty sweet steal if you still have cassettes!

Thrift stores seem amazing
In England we have charity stores, but they are normally quite small and I’ve only ever found things like CD’s or a game at cheap prices that interest me.

There was one youtuber I used to watch (who was based in Canada or the US) who would just film his thrift store hauls. It was very entertaining the kinda stuff he would find.

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I scored a decent pair of gym shorts today for 6 bucks


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